Beta Reader for hire

Beta-readers assist authors in getting early reader feedback on the development of their stories. I specialise in young adult fiction, science-fiction and fantasy beta-reading.

Have assurance of quality, in-depth feedback with a professional beta-reader. I pride myself on meeting deadlines, because I know the importance of valuable feedback.

I have years of experience in book reviews, and developmental editing. This makes me someone who is eager to be in your corner, helping you perfect your work in progress!

I offer a free sample beta read of the first chapter of your book to give you an idea of the insights possible with a professional beta-read. Hone your craft and get feedback – fast!

Contact me today. Make your manuscript shine.

I reached out to Steph Huddleston Writing while searching for beta readers for my partial manuscript of a science fiction novel. Steph’s critique of my manuscript exceeded my expectations in every way. She provided in-depth feedback on characterisation, plot, and readability. It is clear that she is a reader who is familiar with the genre, which is very important when hiring a sci-fi beta reader. As a new writer, the early feedback is invaluable, and I highly recommend Steph Huddleston Writing.


I am so glad I found Steph’s [beta reading service]. She helped me to identify the strengths of my work as well as its weaknesses with great suggestions for how to make improvements. I had been losing faith in the project but Steph’s feedback has encouraged me to keep working to make it the best that it can be. Thank you so much!


How much does beta-reading cost?

Fiction beta-read
$1.50 per 1000 words
  • Get feedback on:
  • -Characterisation
  • -Pacing
  • -Plot
  • -Readability
  • -Any specific concerns you may have!

For example: a manuscript length of 60,000 words, the total price would be $90 AUD.

What’s the process?

  1. Contact me about your manuscript.
  2. I will provide a quote and estimated turn around time for your feedback. (Usual turn-around time is three-four weeks).
  3. Project is invoiced (payment via direct deposit or PayPal).
  4. Send your manuscript to me for beta-reading.
  5. I send your feedback back to you!

Let’s work together