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Why should you hire a biographer?

Bio writers or memoir writers are able to help you communicate to your audience who you are. What matters to you? Where have you come from? What’s your story?

Whether its writing your professional bio, or a creating a memoir, a biographer is able to assist in showing of the moments that matter in life.

The ones that make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered the way you’d like.

Many people consider hiring a writer for their bio because their family wishes them to do so. You may even be here because someone sent you to my site.

Often we don’t think our life has been interesting. Or we think we’ve got nothing to say.

A biography or memoir is often more important for our loved ones than for ourselves. Give your loved ones lasting gift they’ll treasure, by commissioning the writing of your life story.

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Can you write my biography?

I’m glad you asked!

Words are what I love and writing is what I do. My writing and editing experience makes me equipped to assist you in writing your biographical project.

I enjoy writing biographies because I enjoy stories. That’s what a biography, or a short bio is. The story of you.

As a biographical writer, I would be honoured to write your bio. I work with individuals across all walks (and stages) of life to create a legacy that they are proud of.

I know that life is made up of moments that matter. It’s my privilege to record these moments for you by writing a biographical account of your life.

Over a number of interview sessions you will have the opportunity to share the moments from your life that have impacted you most. At the end of our time together you will be left with a beautifully written biography.

I offer high quality, beautifully presented biographies with a range of finishes and bindings available.

If you’d like to discuss writing a biography together please click the button below

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What types of biography packages do you offer?

Everyone has their own unique story, so I offer bespoke biography packages. Your bio tailored to you, your style and your budget.

Among my packages, I offer full-length memoirs, children’s books, memory books and hybrid memoirs. All packages leave you with a fully finished, completed physical biography for you and your loved ones to treasure.

Full-length Memoir Writing

This is what most people think of when they hear ‘biography’ a traditional chapter book. Typically arranged chronologically.

Your memoir can be written to your desired level of length and detail.

Children’s Book Biographies

This bio option is wonderful for anyone wanting to leave a special legacy behind for the children in their lives. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and dear friends. I will assist you to create a story for your loved one to enjoy. Illustrations will be contracted to an artist of your choice from my network of connections.

Memory Photobook biography

I will assist you to create a beautiful memory book filled with a mixture of photographs and written reflections. This option is often useful for those who find that photos prompt their memories.

Hybrid Storytelling Biographies

In this package I will blend one of the above bio styles with modern technology to embed audio or video files within your story.

It’s special to read a book about a loved one, but if there’s nothing quite like hearing their voice. This makes for a truly unique and beautiful written legacy.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How much does biography writing cost?

My biography writing packages are able to be tailored to your budget.

I offer a free consultation where we can discuss what would best suit your needs and work to your budget. I pride myself on offering beautifully crafted biographies for an affordable price.

Typically, the more detailed and lengthy a project is, it will cost more. The hybrid book packages due to their technology components are more

How long does it take to write a biography?

From our first session to the final product being in your hands, on average most bio projects take around three months to be written and completed.

Sometimes, for different reasons people may wish to have a biography completed sooner. This is negotiated on a case by case basis and can incur additional fees.

How will you write my bio?

In our initial free consultation I will work with you to set the goals of your biography.

You choose a bio package that suits your needs and budget.

We meet and discuss your story over a number of sessions (usually five sessions each an hour in length).

I write your biography. You are provided with progress information at agreed upon intervals.

You are given your chosen number of finished biography copies for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Where are you based?

I’m a based in Melbourne, Australia. Where possible I like to meet in person with people for our bio interview sessions.

Where that isn’t possible I am able to work on the project remotely. We can arrange for phone or video calls where needed.

What can I do to prepare for my biography to be written?

I’ve prepared a blog post that you may find useful if you’re considering having a biography written. Click here to have a read.

What other writing services do you offer?

I offer a range of writing and editing services. To see the full list, please visit my services page.

Do you write author bios?

I offer a range of author services including developmental editing, beta-reading and book reviews.

I can also assist in creating a short author bio for use on websites and other marketing material.

What’s the difference between biographies and autobiographies?

Autobiographies are written by the subject of the bio. Biographies are written by someone else, a writer or other party.

The advantage of hiring a biographer is that they are professionals, able to apply their writing experience to your story. Oftentimes this results in a more polished end product.

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