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I love supporting authors and connecting them with readers. If you’d like to have your book reviewed on check out my review policy.

I have experience offering editorial reviews to both traditionally, indie and self-published authors. I believe there is a reader for every book and so my reviews while maintaining honesty, strive to look for the positive in all stories.

With increased demand for books to be reviewed on and across my social media, I now offer review and social media packages. This increases your ability to reach more readers, and for me to keep doing what I love.

Where are my reviews posted?

I currently post reviews and or links to my full reviews on:

Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,

I enjoy connecting with readers across a range of areas online.

If you’re interested in discussing my review or social media packages, please get in touch. Original photography (as seen on reviews on this site) is included in all review packages.

Steph Huddleston has been writing book reviews for me at Independent Book Review for more than 18 months, and she’s been an absolute treat to deal with. Not only does she always get her reviews in on time (all 20+ of them!), but she’s clearly an informed reader across a variety of genres. And she’s an articulate writer, too. She’s displayed a true knack for getting to the meat of the story early on and sharing her praise and/or criticisms of each book in a kindhearted and honest tones. If you’re thinking of booking her for a review, I’ve got your answer right here for you—do it.

Joe Walters – Editor-in-chief at Independent Book Review