Hi, I’m Steph and I help authors find the best version of their books.

A well-told story is truly something special. I work with authors at different stages of their writing journey and I love my job.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and when I’m not working, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband and two mischievous cats (… you’ll find a picture of one of the two wee beasties at the end of this page!)

Education and experience

I have a bachelor of arts (BA) from The University of Melbourne. I majored in criminology, but by taking many literature and creative writing subjects throughout my degree, I rediscovered my passion for the written word.

Since then, I’ve obtained a graduate certificate from Ridley College in Melbourne as well as undertaken a number of short courses related to publishing and book editing.

I started my own freelance editing business in 2019 and have worked with Shawline Publishing as an editor, as well as indie authors.

I’m committed to continuing to develop my skills as an editor. I am currently an associate member of IPed (Institute of Professional Editors, VIC) and am working through their accreditation process. This will enable me to take my skills, and business, to the next level.


In 2022 I was fortunate to win the Youth Summit Creative Competition (put on by the National Youth Commission Australia and the WhyNot publication). As the winner of the competition, I was invited to speak on a panel, along with the other finalists, about my work as a creative at the Youth Futures Summit.

About the orange typewriter…

If you follow me on Instagram, or you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’ve probably seen an orange typewriter on your screen. (It’s even made its way into my logo!)

I’ve often admired typewriters for their beauty, as well as the romantic visions they inspire in me of writers from a bygone era tapping away at their next great literary work.

While writing these days might be more technologically advanced, what drives many authors now is the same as it was then; a love for storytelling.

Around the time I was taking my editing full-time, I saw my orange typewriter on Facebook Marketplace… Call it a sign, or love at first sight, but that’s how it entered my office and it’s here to stay as a reminder of that love for storytelling that connects us all.

Let’s work together.

I promised a cat photo, didn’t I?

This is Magnus, and he enjoys crashing Zoom calls and taking long naps.