Review policy

Hi there! Are you an author or publisher looking wanting a review on your awesome book? Or bookish products? You’ve come to the right place. Before asking me to review I do ask that you read my book review policy, so we’re all on the same page!

  1. I currently offer to review books from multiple genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, sci-fi, Historical fiction, and Mystery. I also from time-to-time will review other products or services that fit with my niche.
  2. I offer an honest review of all books, and retain the right to decline to review a book. Any reviews published on this blog or elsewhere remain my intellectual property unless otherwise negotiated. I intend no harm to authors, or other participating parties in my reviews. Generally, if I don’t like a book or product I will simply decline to post a review. This happens rarely.
  3. The turn around between providing the book and obtaining a review will vary. Depending on my schedule I may have a review ready within weeks, or a few months. Authors and Publishers may request a desired timeframe that they would like a review to appear within, and I will do my best to accomodate.

With that stuff out of the way, I can assure you that I do love to offer positive reviews and celebrate the hard work that goes into book production!

If you’d like to contact me to discuss a review opportunity please email me at: or via the ‘contact me‘ page on this site.