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Hi there! Thank you for visiting Steph Huddleston Writing disclosure page. You may be wondering how bloggers make money, share information and protect your privacy. This page serves to share that information with you. I work very hard to share quality content, take great photos and share that content. I respect you, my readers and so want to ensure you are informed of my practices on this blog and website.


I am able to monetise my blog through affiliate marketing programs or by placing ads on my page. Affiliate marketing programs mean that I receive a small commission when a sale is made using the link provided on my page. Using the links provided on this website does not incur any additional charge to the user.

I am legally required to indicate when these links are being used on my page and will do so by indicating at the top of the blog post or page. I will also indicate the affiliate link by placing a * at the start of the sentence containing the link.

I believe in producing quality content and so will not promote on my blog any products I do not believe in and recommend. That being said, it is the readers responsibility to do their due diligence in research and ensure all information is accurate prior to your purchasing. I am not responsible for the misuse or malfunction of any products that are purchased via links provided on this page. That being said, I will only recommend products I believe in!

Privacy Policy

What information is collected and how does this blog use it?

When you engage with this website some data is collected. Subscribing, commenting, liking and purchasing via links on this website can result in information such as (but not limited to) your email address, name, country of origin and Gravatar being collected.

This website, like others, collects Google analytics which is used to improve the performance of this website. By engaging with this website you consent to having your data collected.

This website collects some data such as email addresses, and comments made on pages in order to provide a service. By subscribing you may receive emails from this website. By commenting you engage in discussion in this site. You are able to opt out of receiving emails when a new blog post is up by hitting unsubscribe in your email browser. By opting out of providing some of your information the service you receive from this site may be limited (you may be unable to subscribe or comment on posts on this website).

Under certain circumstances I may be required to share your information with third parties. This may include legal bodies where I believe legal infringement has taken place on my site.

When purchasing through affiliate links on this site, the site you are visiting may collect additional data from you. It is important to research the privacy policies of any websites you are visiting.


  • I, Steph Huddleston, write and edit the entirety of this blog and website. The opinions and views expressed on this page are entirely my own.
  • This blog at the time of writing sometimes receives payment in the form of free products and via affiliate programs.
  • I am currently a member of the Book Depository UK Affiliate program.
  • I am currently a member of the Amazon Affiliate program.
  • I always provide an honest opinion regarding the products featured on this site regardless of compensation given.
  • The information provided on this blog is personal opinion and serves an educational and entertainment purpose, it is not professional advice. A professional-client relationship is only entered into when written confirmation of such a relationship is agreed upon.
  • Always consult a professional in the area of your need and circumstances before making any professional, legal, financial or tax decisions. This blog does not substitute advice from a professional in these areas.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all content (including photographs) on this website remains my property. Use of my content elsewhere without gaining my permission first is an infringement of copyright.

Well you made it through all that serious stuff! Thanks for understanding and supporting this website through being here. Now, head over to the blog if you’re after some lighter reading.