5 Reasons to Read Aurora Burning

Squad 312 is back! In the action packed intersteller adventure Aurora Burning. If you haven’t already added this book to your TBR, here’s 5 reasons why you should…

  1. Space elves
  2. Romance
  3. Found Family
  4. Popular culture references
  5. That ending.

Intrigued? Great! You should be. But before we get into more detail…

What is Aurora Burning about?

The YA sci-fi has quickly risen to #1 YA book in Australia, and it’s easy to see why!

Aurora Burning is the second book in the Aurora Cycle series and follows directly from the events of the first book, Aurora Rising.

The series follows squad 312, a band of unique individuals and members of the Aurora Legion, the inter-stellar peacekeeping corporation. The team must work together to defeat an ancient evil, protect Aurora the girl out of time and save the galaxy.

When the ship that was carrying Aurora turns up the squad believes that the answers they’ve been seeking to what happened to her may be contained within the colony ship’s black box.

In Aurora Burning we see our favourite characters face new challenges that will result the squad’s bond being tested like never before.

If you’re still unsure what it’s all about, or you can’t remember all the events of Aurora Rising, don’t worry! At the start of Aurora Burning there’s a handy little recap from the authors.

But that’s enough context, let’s get into reasons why you should read Aurora Burning

1. Space Elves

Yes, that’s correct. Space elves.

If you’re a fan of Lord Of The Rings or other fantasy series featuring our pointy eared friends, this series is a must read.

Gracing the front cover of Aurora Burning is the favourite character of many fans, Kalis Idraban Gilwraeth. More fondly known as Kal.

Kal is a Syldrathi of the warrior caste.

Kal is an excellent brooder. Honestly, he could brood at a professional level. He has dreamy violet eyes, olive skin and long silver hair. Don’t even get me started on his cheek bones.

Magellan – Aurora Burning, Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman.

Kal won over many fans in Aurora Rising for his gradual softening as a character. This is continued in Aurora Burning as we gain insight to Kal’s culture and personal history.

The inclusion of a new character in Kal’s long-lost sister makes for an entertaining revelation and shift in the dynamics of the squad.

Kal is not the only character we learn more about in this sequel, the character of Zila is given much more depth and personal background in Aurora Burning.

2. Romance

Aurora Burning offers up some entertaining and beautifully romantic scenes between characters. For the romantic, this series has plenty to offer!

I would love to provide more details, but alas that would possibly veer into spoiler territory.

3. Found Family

One of my favourite aspects of this series is the way it touches on the concept of family. Family can be more than those we are related to by blood, and offers us a sense of belonging in the world.

Squad 312 has found this with one another, and in Aurora Burning we see those fledgling bonds tested immensely through their circumstances.

The dedications in this series are among my favourites for the way they reach out to the loneliness that young (or not) readers experience at different times.

This one is for squad 312. Every single one of you.

Aurora Burning – Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Aurora Burning‘s dedication includes the reader in this journey, welcomes them in from the very first page.

4. Popular Culture References

Star Trek, Lord of The Rings fans, where are you? This series will be greatly appreciated by you for it’s scattering of subtle nods to these series.

My husband is a big Star Trek fan, and as such I’ve watched and enjoyed many seasons of Star Trek. I was squealed in excitement to see some of my favourite concepts or details from the show carried over.

Yet this series is not knock-off Star Trek. While both Kaufman and Kristoff are Trekkies, they have still created a unique and diverse universe of their own making different from the Star Trek universe.

Think of pop culture details as sprinkles on top of an ice cream, they’re not really necessary details but they make the dessert for fun for being there.

That Ending.

I want to rant and rave.

If you’ve been keeping your eye on Aurora Burning‘s reception across the internet, you may have already seen a fair amount of ranting and raving…

I can remain calm. I can.

I just need book three as soon as possible.

Please read Aurora Burning, and once you have feel free to contact me to rant and rave.

Final Thoughts

Aurora Burning is a satisfying second book in the Aurora Cycle series. It does a great job of following on from the first book, maintaining the tension between resolution and new problems for characters to face.

In some cases, I find the second book in a series to be a form of filler between the first and third book. This isn’t the case for Aurora Burning.

The introduction of new characters and an action filled plot enables the book to stand on its own.

Where can I get a copy?

Aurora Burning is available from bookstores. Consider supporting your local bookstore by ordering online through them.

*If that’s not possible, pick up a copy of Aurora Burning from Amazon.

*Should you choose to make your purchase using the link above I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to yourself. Please bear in mind that I only link to products and companies that I personally believe will benefit my readers. Thank you for your support! If you’d like more information about affiliate marketing please visit my disclosure page.

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