Are tropes and cliches always a bad thing? Romance Genre spotlight

Writers will at some stage come across the feedback in their own writing, or perhaps in reviews that says: “avoid cliches” or “this was too trope driven”. But what does that advice mean? And should writers always avoid tropes and cliches? While the answer varies depending on who you ask, I’d like to take aContinue reading “Are tropes and cliches always a bad thing? Romance Genre spotlight”

November Monthly Wrap-Up

The last few months have been busy, so I wanted to share a different kind of post to update you on what I’ve been up to recently. In addition to my usual posts, looking forward to 2023, I plan to share more of these more informal behind-the-scenes posts. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, there’s plenty of my usual writing and editing content planned for 2023.

The Dragon Healer by Tiani Davids: Writing Dragons and fictional languages

Today we’re celebrating the launch of The Dragon Healer by Aussie Indie author, Tiani Davids with a review (from yours truly) and an interview with the author herself.

Read on for details about self-publishing in Australia, and recommendations for world-building in the fantasy genre.

When “Write every day” isn’t an option: Chronic Illness and publishing

It’s the classic writing advice: write every day. But what about when that’s just not an option? For many people, writing advice like this can add stress and strain, rather than fostering creativity and motivation.

Are Unreliable Narrators Unlikable? The Maid Book Review

In this post we’ll be talking about what makes unreliable narrators potentially unlikable to readers, how to use this strategy effectively in your writing, and discuss The Maid by Nita Prose as a case study for the unreliable narrator. If you haven’t yet read The Maid, I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers.

Are Sit/Stand Desks Worth It? Everdesk+ Max Desk Review

If you’ve heard of sit/stand desks, or you’ve been considering purchasing one, you may find yourself asking: is the hype really worth it?

This post aims to answer that question because I’ve recently become a sit/stand desk owner!

Blurring The Lines Of Originality: Is Fanfiction Mainstream?

Many published authors such as Sarah J Maas, Rainbow Rowell, Cassandra Clare and many many more got their literary starts thanks to fanfiction sites which encouraged them to ultimately pursue traditional publication.

In this post we’re looking at how fanfiction stories have gone mainstream.