Words You Can’t Help But Mix Up: Confusables

Recently, on Instagram, I hosted a discussion on my stories about confusables. When I’m editing a book, I like to keep a list of confusables close by so I can check the usage is correct. When I mentioned this on Instagram, and asked if you’d be interested in me sharing my list, there was a resounding ‘yes’

World Health Day 2022: Book Recommendations from Health Workers

This post is a little different from normal, as the books featured are not my own recommendations, but those of some incredible health workers. These wonderful people work across the health industry, from palliative care, pharmacy, occupational therapy and nursing.

Should I Pay For A Book Review?

The topic of paid book reviews can be a controversial one. If you’ve been considering paying for a book review, know that you’re not alone. But there are some common pitfalls to be aware of, as well as often unmentioned benefits to paying for a review. So let’s unpack some of the common beliefs aroundContinue reading “Should I Pay For A Book Review?”