7 Tips for working away from home

In recent times, more people than ever before are working away from the traditional office. Whether it’s a hybrid model, or you’re full-time freelancing it up from your home – sometimes working remotely can be a challenge. It can be isolating, and challenging (especially if you have to share your space). So sometimes it’s aContinue reading “7 Tips for working away from home”

7 Writing Misconceptions Holding You Back

Writing is a challenge, there’s no question about that. But the ideas that we hold about the writing process can either help or hinder us. Today we’re talking writing misconceptions that might be holding you back from achieving your personal writing goals.

What I Learned Reading The Lord Of The Rings in 2020

Today’s book review is a little bit different. As some of you may know, The Lord of The Rings has been one of my bucket-list books. I started it in January of 2020, and little did I know, this would be the year I needed to read this book.

What to Consider When Worldbuilding

If you’ve attempted to write a fiction novel, you’ll know world building is challenging! Especially when it comes to fiction genres such as fantasy and sci-fi where reader expectation is high (along with your stress-levels).

Today we’ll be looking at a few elements of worldbuilding to consider as you write or revise your novel.