Five Journalling Prompts to Kickstart Your 2020

If you’re considering journalling this year, I’ve compiled a few prompts to get you started. They’re self-reflective in nature and aimed to give you a head start into this new year that stretches before us! If you have any prompts that you find useful, please feel free to share them in the comments below this post.

Jolabokaflod: Christmas Eve Book Giving Tradition

Have you heard of Jolabokaflod? Or Book Flood? Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Icelandic Christmas Eve tradition. I first heard of Jolabokaflod from Christine on her fantastic site, the Uncorked Librarian. She did a wonderful post all about Jolabokaflod that you can go and read here. Later on in the postContinue reading “Jolabokaflod: Christmas Eve Book Giving Tradition”

Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers

It’s December! Which means for many of us, Christmas is not too far away. If you’re thinking hard about what to buy the book lover in your life (instead of another book) check out today’s list of gift ideas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, hopefully this post is useful to revisit for a birthday orContinue reading “Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers”

The Ultimate Guide to Book Borrowing Etiquette

Have you ever lent someone a book? Borrowed a book? I would expect that you would have! (Unless you’ve got good reasons not to, which I’d love to hear about in the comments section) Whether it’s from your personal library or the state funded one, borrowing books is something that is fairly normal.

Alas, social blunders are often made when books are borrowed. Now, I don’t think anyone makes these blunders on purpose (at least I hope not) they just happen! In today’s post I thought some discussion about the proper etiquette when borrowing books could be beneficial to us all!