Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers

It’s December! Which means for many of us, Christmas is not too far away. If you’re thinking hard about what to buy the book lover in your life (instead of another book) check out today’s list of gift ideas.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, hopefully this post is useful to revisit for a birthday or special occasion for the book lover in your life. If you are a book lover, feel free to share this guide with your friends and family for a not so subtle nudge in the right direction!

In this post you’ll also find a special discount codes for readers of this blog thanks to Burn the Wick and Relove Print book subscription service. Happy Holi-yay!

Book marks

A bookmark is a lovely gift, and there are many, many design styles available. Etsy has a wide range available, but for something special, consider getting a personalised bookmark like the one below.

Alternatively, these up-cycled bookmarks come in a set of five and are made from the spines of unloved books.

Books or book vouchers

I know, I said this post was for ideas other than buying a book, but here me out. While it might be difficult to select a book they will love (or not already own) do they have a favourite book?

Consider buying a special edition of their favourite book. Particularly if they have a favourite classic book, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of beautiful covers available to choose from.

A book voucher is a great option for someone who loves books! For some people (myself included) going to the bookstore, and browsing is a part of the enjoyment of reading. By gifting a voucher you give the person that experience!

Of course, not everyone likes to give vouchers. Or as I said earlier, perhaps your book lover has so many books its going to be too hard to get one you know they won’t already have, and will love.

Personalised Library Stamp

For the person that always has books out on loan! Help them keep a track of their beloved books. There are lovely personalised ink stamps like the one below.

Or really impress them with a custom embosser stamp. These are beautiful! Although a little more pricey, they do have the advantage of never needing new ink.


I recently discovered that bookish candles are available! Wonderful creatives such as the people at Burn the Wick candles make scented candles inspired from books. An Australian small business from my own city, I think they’re awesome! Check out a few candles that I think would make great gifts below.

There’s even a candle called ‘Book Lover‘ how cool is that?!

There’s also several candles inspired by book series, including Harry Potter. The Great Hall candle looks like it would smell wonderful! The spiced ginger would be lovely for Christmas!

Or maybe a Christmas inspired candle (still based off a book). The Grinch candle would be good fun for a book lover that takes a little encouragement to get into the Christmas spirit. The Christmas candles are a limited release so be sure to check them out soon!

Burn the Wick candles have partnered with me today to offer you 20% off your order when you use the code ‘STEPH’. Thank you Burn The Wick!

Click here to visit the Burn the Wick website and use the code: for 20% off your order.

Enamel Pins

Small and detailed, many enamel pins are like tiny artworks. Gift a bookish pin to your book lover that references a beloved series and you’ll be a favourite on Christmas day! That’s Lovely Dear has some lovely enamel pins that I’ve been admiring, including these cute Never Night pins.

A variation of a book lover is also known as a writer. This typewriter pin is beautiful and can be a great way for the book lover and writer in your life to subtly express themselves!


Tea is a lovely gift! Even more so when referencing your favourite books. This Jane Austen book tea box is perfect for any Pride and Prejudice fans out there. Made by American company BeauTeaStudio it looks delicious and is beautifully presented.

Another tea favourite of mine is the ‘Reading Nook’ blend by Plum Deluxe. A black tea with rose and lavender it’s perfect for sipping on with your favourite book. Plum Deluxe is one of the clients I write for, but this is not a paid ad. I just honestly like their products! In addition to single blends, they have a number of tea gift accessories.


Reading a book and drinking a cup of something is a natural combination! Gift a vessel with a bookish twist for your book lover to enjoy every time they pick up a book. If you know someone who is a fan of fantasy books in particular, look at this Book Dragon enamel mug.

A Book Subscription

A book subscription is a great gift idea, as it keeps on giving after the season is done. Many services offer the option of one month, three month or six month subscriptions. That way your book lover can try out a service before committing to it on an ongoing basis.

One of my favourite book subscription services is from the Australian company Relove print.

Relove print hand selects a gently used second hand book for you each month, as well as a handmade bookmark and two or three other goodies. Environmentally conscious, beautifully presented and extremely affordable, this makes a great gift!

If you’d like to see what I think about Relove’s book subscription service in greater detail, visit my review here Are Book Subscriptions Worth It?.

Relove Print offers readers of this blog 15% off their first month when they use the code ‘Stephwriting’ at checkout!

Discount Codes

In case you missed them, here are the special discount codes for a few of the wonderful businesses above.

Burn The Wick: Receive 20% off your order when you use the code: STEPH at checkout.

Relove Print: Receive 15% off your first month’s subscription when using the code: Stephwriting at checkout.

Both these companies are Australian small businesses, I’m a big believer in supporting local where you can and the teams at both Burn the Wick and Relove Print do a fantastic job. Check them out!


Good luck with your holiday shopping! Hopefully this list has given you a few ideas for what to get your book lover. Or, maybe today you’ve discovered a few new businesses to check out.

Don’t forget to use the discount codes above!

I hope as we start this Christmas season you are able to take the time to enjoy yourself. I know I can easily become distracted with a holiday ‘to do’ list. Is anyone else that way?

That’s not really what it’s all about anyway. Tell me about what you have planned for the upcoming season in the comments below. Or if you’d like to share some of your favourite bookish vendors, that you think should have been on the list, let me know!

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  1. Fiona McLeod says:

    Hi Steph – my Christmas is a time I like to spend with my family – it can get hectic and noisy with grandchildren but I love them all and wouldn’t have it any other way – hoping I get some time to read a book this Christmas or at least enjoy listening to a book driving- by the way enjoy your blog – love Mum xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas to me! Noise and all. Maybe you’ll get to finish your ‘Michelle Book’ this Christmas? (Becoming by Michelle Obama)
      Thanks for reading and commenting mum! Xx


  2. Great ideas here! I love getting book-themed candles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this guide! It was fun putting it together. I think the bookish candles are my favourite.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. floatinggold says:

    Never enough bookmarks and tea. The stamps are a really neat idea, too.
    Great list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Thank you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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