Top Three Beach Day Reads

Here in Australia January is summer time! That means longer days, icecream and days at the beach enjoying the surf.

Well…actually my beach days mean sitting in the sunshade tent with hat, sunscreen and a cool drink. I’m fair skinned so beach days for me are more likely to be spent avoiding the sun as much as possible.

This does mean I naturally become the bag guard, watching over the possessions of the group as they frolic in the waves. Don’t worry though, I’m far happier with my book in hand in my tent. I will take the ice cream if it’s going.

If you’re like me and you spend your beach days reading, or you’ve got a summer holiday coming up, today’s post is for you! I’ve got a list of my top five beach reads for you to slip into that beach tote with your towel.

A Thousand Days of Sunlight – Abbie Emmons

When sixteen year old Tessa loses her sight in a car accident she feels as though her world is crumbling around her. That’s when her grandparents enlist the help of Weston, a sixteen year old boy with a great smile, positive attitude and no legs.

Weston is supposed to be helping Tessa regain her writing, but their friendship bring more brightness to her life than either could have expected. But when Tessa’s eye sight returns Weston will have to choose whether he trusts Tessa enough to show his own weakness, or lose the girl he’s grown so close to.

Why you should read it?

If you like sweet romances, summertime and family themes this book is sure to please. The yellow cover just screams summer time and is as cute as the story itself! If you need more reasons to read 100 Days of Sunlight check out my full review here.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the author of 100 Days of Sunlight Abbie Emmons last year. If you want to read that interview head here. This is her debut novel, and I truly enjoyed it! I’ll be keeping an eye out for her future writing.

While You Were Reading – Ali Berg and Michelle Klaus

While you were reading is a contemporary romance novel by Ali Berg and Michelle Klaus. The book follows Beatrix Babbage (‘Bea’) as she seeks to start over in a new city after accidentally ruining her friends wedding. Bea dreams of living life to the fullest, meeting new people and landing the dream job. But it doesn’t take too long for her to realise, not all things in life go to plan.

With only her books, barista and cleaning lady to keep her company it’s not long before Bea finds herself feeling very lonely in the city. Her job makes her miserable and she hasn’t had the romantic adventure she was hoping for.

When Bea stumbles across an annotated novel in a second-hand bookstore the scribbles seem to be there just for her. Bea becomes determined to find the author of these notes, and in her quest to find out who wrote them discovers more than she could have imagined.

(Read the full review here)

Why you should read it?

Fellow book lovers, here is a character who loves books as much as you do. Coffee lovers are welcome too.

The book is set in Melbourne, so for my fellow Melbournians this book is a must read. A light hearted rom-com it’s a perfect holiday read. Bea is a sweet character, but some of the secondary characters in this book had me laughing out loud!

The Secret Life of Pi

When a cargo ship sinks one lifeboat is left bobbing in the Pacific action. The survivors? A sixteen year old boy name Pi, a hyena, a zebra, a female orang-utan and a 450 pound Royal Bengal tiger.

With it’s setting on the ocean this is the perfect book to slip into your beach bag beside your sunscreen.

Why you should read it?

This book is magical. It’s prose is beautifully written, you’ll find yourself carried away with Pi and his menagerie. This is one of those haunting books, where the story stays with you for a long time.

I read this several years ago, around the time the movie adaptation was in development. While the movie was visually stunning, I found the experience lacking compared to the experience and emotion of reading this story. Highly recommend.

What are your Beach Day recommendations?

What books do you recommend for a day at the beach? Or a relaxed holiday?

Today is meant to be a hot one in Melbourne, so stay cool everyone! Drink lots of water, and stay sun-smart. Find a nice shady spot and a good book and you’ve got my perfect summer day.

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