5 Bookish Destinations You Wish You Could Travel to

With the end of the year fast approaching you might find yourself beginning to consider holiday destinations. Whether it’s beach or mountains, we all have places we’d love to travel to one day.

Unfortunately the destinations in today’s blog post you can’t actually travel to, but you can read about them in their books! Reading has got to be one of the cheapest ways to travel, no flights, or accomodation, you don’t even have to leave the couch! So enjoy today’s post and get some inspiration for your next bookish adventure.

1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I thought I’d mention this one first and get it out of the way! Since J.K Rowling published The Philosophers Stone children and adults alike have been wistfully dreaming of their Hogwarts letters.

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts? Harry Potter and his friends made it sound like a truly wonderful place. The school with its enchanted stairways and magical classes. If classwork wasn’t for you, perhaps it was the idea of the abundant feasts in the great hall that appealed to you. I know they did for me!

I’d love to slip down Diagon Alley and browse the stores for various magical items. To eat an ice cream from Florian Fortescue and sip a butter beer from the Leaky Cauldron.

While we can’t visit The Wizarding World that’s in the books, we do have the option of visiting London and doing a Warner Brothers studio tour which would be a lot of fun. Alternatively we can go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida which is an amusement park dedicated to the books and movies. It’s not the same, but it’s as close as we’ll come.

2. Middle Earth

This is the Mister’s contribution to this list. When I asked him which fictional world he’d like to visit he first said Star Trek land. As that’s from television and not books his second option was for Middle Earth.

Elves, hobbits, wizards and adventure. Sounds pretty great to me! J.R Tolkien has been inspiring generations of fantasy lovers with his vivid descriptions of this fictional land. I haven’t actually read this book, though it’s on my to be read pile for the coming months. The Mister and I are travelling to New Zealand in January, the official Middle Earth!

We’ll be visiting the South Island of New Zealand in January of 2020, where much of The Lord of The Rings was filmed. While we haven’t got time to visit North Island and see Hobbiton, we’ll be rewatching the films before we go to ensure we can say: ‘I recognise that mountain’.

3.The Magic Faraway Tree

This item is one from my childhood. Enid Blyton’s stories were staple bed time stories in my home. I loved all of her books, but one of my favourites was The Magic Faraway Tree.

If you’re not familiar with the story, The Magic Faraway Tree is an enchanted tree that grows in the wood nearby the home of the main characters. Playing nearby, one day they decide to climb the tree.

In the leafy boughs of the tree they find a whole host of wonderful characters. There’s The Saucepan Man, Moon-face, Dame Washalot and Angry Pixie to name a few!

Even more exciting is that at the very top of the tree is a ladder, that leads the children to a magical land. On every visit the land changes, and the children have some excellent adventures. Some of the lands are pleasant, and others the children never want to visit again.

As a child I wanted to visit the Land of Birthdays. Where presents, lollies and games abounded! It sure sounded like a lot of fun. If you’re familiar with the stories, tell me in the comments which land you wanted to visit.

4.Through Time

If you’re a fan of the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon you’ll be longing for bonny eighteenth century Scotland. While I don’t think I would survive the eighteenth century nearly as well as Claire, I certainly was intrigued by the world she was thrown into.

While time travel is currently impossible, and ethically questionable, we can still visit Scotland.

The rugged beauty of the highlands is truly breathtaking. I was fortunate enough to visit the Isle of Skye briefly in 2015 and I have wanted to return ever since. The mountains and craggy rocks capture the imagination.

It’s no wonder the country has been the backdrop for many fantasy television shows and movies! Parts of Game of Thrones, Outlander and Harry Potter were all filmed here. Other favourite time travel series of mine include the Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray and the Passenger series by Alexandra Bracken.

5. Space

Yes, I know space is a real place. I am however referring in this destination to the amazing worlds that are presented to us in science fiction novels such as The Illuminae Files, Aurora Rising and Out of the Lonely Planet.

These books show us a vision of a future where travel is quicker, medicine is more advanced and the universe is far bigger than we ever expected.

Whilst you might have to come around to reconstituted food in this destination, the vastness of planetary exploration should be enough to want you to pack your spacesuit.

That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.

Jhumpa Lahiri

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and you travelled a little with me as you thought about these books!

What books make you long for worlds that only exist between the pages of a novel?

If you could travel to a book destination, where would you go?

As always, if you enjoyed this blog post, tell your friends! Send them a link and subscribe if you haven’t already. Until next week, happy reading!


  1. floatinggold says:

    You’ve got to the Isle of Skye? How wonderful! I’d love to visit one day. Glad to hear that you were not disappointed and wish to go back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve got ancestors from there so it was the main focus of my Scotland trip. Absolutely amazing! If you ever get the chance to go there, it’s well worth it! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. floatinggold says:

        Stay golden!

        Liked by 1 person

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