Do Book Subscriptions Make Good Gifts?

So, it’s December! Does anyone else feel as though time this year has moved strangely? The events of 2020 have been pretty wild at times, and so as Christmas draws ever nearer, you may be having mixed emotions. But for me, I’m excited for the season. It’s good to celebrate and remember the good things, especially in what has been a rather tumultous year.

One thing many people have reflected to me is that they got a lot more reading done in 2020! Lockdowns really meant that for many of us, books were a great source of escapism. I’m glad whenever I hear that someone has rediscovered (or discovered for the first time) their love of books.

With this in mind, today’s post is looking at a gift option you might be considering this holiday season.

What Is a Book Subscription?

A book subscription, or ‘book box’ is like many other subscription services! Subscribers have the opportunity to purchase a package with a selected book on a regular basis. Usually a range of subscription options are offered by companies — whether it’s once off, six monthly, or a year. A book will arrive on your doorstep, sometimes accompanied with other products.

What’s Included in a Book Subscription?

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but it’s standard to receive a book in book subscriptions. There are a range of subscription companies out there that cater to different genres. Whether you (or the person you’re buying for) are fan of romance, classics, horror or YA fantasy — there’s something out there for you.

Often, book subscriptions have the option of including some additional gifts along with the book. These may be related to the genre, self-care in nature or other bookish gifts. Examples could include: candles, bath bombs, bookmarks, artwork and enamel pins. Some book boxes

Why consider a book box as a gift?

Book boxes can be a fantastic gift for readers in your life. Particularly if they enjoy surprises, or picking up books they may not be familiar with. It’s a fun opportunity to encourage diverse reading and discover some new favourite authors!

The Mister purchased a book subscription to Once Upon a Book Club for me as a birthday gift and it was fantastic. I enjoyed that a thoughtfully selected book was chosen each month for me. It was convenient and fun and some of my favourite reads of the year have come through through the subscription.

Are there any negatives to book subscriptions?

Depending on where you live, book boxes can be expensive. Factor the cost of shipping when choosing a book subscription to give as a gift. Living in Australia, shipping can sometimes be as much as the subscription itself.

Occasionally, you also may receive items along with the book that are not something your recipient is likely to use. Quality can vary sometimes, so it’s a good idea to check out what has been included in the past boxes of a book subscription service you’re considering.

Australian book subscription options?

With the rise in book subscription popularity, there’s been a surge in book box companies around the world. If you live in Australia, like me, below are a few quality boxes that are Australian based. By supporting local businesses you’ll save on shipping (and make a small business owner very happy!)

  • No Shelf Control – Australian based book box. Features a mix of traditional and indie published authors. Perfect for fans of the fantasy genre.
  • One More Chapter – Brand new Australian book box launching 2021. Gifts co-ordinate with page numbers, for readers to open as they read (or when they receive the box!).
  • Rest and Relax – Australian custom blind date with a book. Sustainably sourced quality second hand books. Paired with beautiful self-care packages. Purchase from the clues, or contact the owner, Jet to organise the perfect custom package! (I’ve given these as baby shower, and Mothers Day presents and they’ve been a hit).
  • Relove Print – Eco-focused Relove print is one of the most affordable book subscription services around. While they have had some mixed reviews in recent times, my own experience of their service has been very positive.

How to know if I’m choosing the right book subscription?

Ultimately, book subscriptions are a lot of fun! If you have an avid reader in your life (or you are one) a book box is a worth trying. You may find it useful to think about the genres you enjoy, your budget, and whether you’d like additional gifts and do some research.

Considering purchasing a once off subscription, that way your reader can try it out without the bigger financial investment if it’s not for them.

Final thoughts

Have you tried a book subscription before? Which one? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below! I’d also love to hear how you’re celebrating the holiday season.

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