The Last Letter From Juliet – Melanie Hudson

A historical fiction with an inspiring woman at the heart of the story. Uplifting and entertaining, but does it just fall short? No spoilers here! However, there is a discount code at the end of the post for Once Upon a Book Club.

Adventures in Middle Earth – Mountains, Food and Books

The Mister and I had a recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand AKA Middle Earth for Lord of The Rings fans out there.
In this post I’ll be sharing a few of the highlights of our trip and what we read while we were away. Enjoy!

Five Journalling Prompts to Kickstart Your 2020

If you’re considering journalling this year, I’ve compiled a few prompts to get you started. They’re self-reflective in nature and aimed to give you a head start into this new year that stretches before us! If you have any prompts that you find useful, please feel free to share them in the comments below this post.