Opposite of Always – Book Review by Justin A. Reynolds

Looking for a heartfelt YA contemporary with a little time travel thrown in?

Opposite of Always has you covered.

What is the Opposite of Always about?

Meet Jack and Kate. They meet a party and know that there’s something special about the bond forming between them. Love founded on a mutal love of Fruit Loops, movies and watching sunrises together.

Soon Kate is a major part of Jack’s life. His friends and family love her almost as much as he does.

When Kate dies, that should be the end of the story.

But it’s not.

When Kate dies, Jack is sent back in time to that party. To the moment he met Kate. He relives those first few months in their relationship. Over and Over again. Can he save Kate? Or are some things just destined to end?

Opposite of Always book cover with an orange typewriter.

What I liked about Opposite of Always?

The character development in Opposite of Always is spectacular. Jack is adorkable (yep dorky and adorable) and through his relationships in the book develops.

As beautiful as the romance between Kate and Jack is, Opposite of Always shines in its secondary characters. I love a good secondary character.

Yes, they should primarily support the main characters development, but can’t they have their own story too? Yes. They can, and it makes for a richer reading experience.

I was worried that the time travel elements of the story, which run along similar lines to Groundhog Day would become irritating. I must admit to not being a big fan of that cult classic.

It wasn’t the case with Opposite of Always. The line between repetition and fresh story was toed with finesse. A truly enjoyable read.

What I didn’t like about Opposite of Always?

While there was much to like about Opposite of Always, I found myself slightly disappointed by the lack of explanation regarding the time-travel components of the story.

Though disappointed, I understand the choice and think that it’s actually okay in the genre of the book.

Opposite of Always isn’t science-fiction. It is primarily a Young Adult contemporary fiction. A coming of age story and a romance. The time travel isn’t the main focus, nor does it need to be…

But still, my curious mind demands answers. Oh well.

Where can I get a copy of Opposite of Always?

Request a copy at your local bookstore, or buy online from The Book Depository.

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful read, and I highly recommend it. There is some mild swearing, that younger readers (or parents) may wish to be aware of.

Buy it or borrow it. It’s excellent, and isn’t the cover cute?

Justin A. Reynolds has another book, Early Departures coming out in September that I am excited to check out.

If you’d like to connect with Justin A. Reynolds visit his website or Goodreads.

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  1. Great review!! I’m so excited to get around to this!


    1. Thank you! It’s a great read! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I started reading this a while ago but could never get into it. I think I might have ended up abandoning it halfway through, not entirely on purpose but other things interested me more and I never felt the pull to go back to it. Maybe I should now though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It may be worth another go, but then again there’s so many books to read! 😊 I struggle to return to books I previously didn’t finish. If you do end up going back to it, I hope you love it as much as I did!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really struggle with it too, my list of books to read is ever growing as it is!! You never know though, i’ll be crediting you in my mind if I do eventually go back to it and love it 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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