Book Review: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

Anxious People offers uncanny insight into what it means to be an anxious human. A must read for 2020.

Thank you to Penguin and Impulse Gamer who provided me with a free copy of Anxious People in exchange for an honest review.

What Is Anxious People About?

We’re all faced with bad days and bad ideas from time to time. Some of us have very bad ideas. So when a bank robber fails to rob a bank, but instead accidentally takes hostage an apartment full of people, chaos ensues.

The fear of the hostages quickly turns into confusion, and then concern as they realise that perhaps their bank robber may be in greater need of rescue than themselves.  Seven strangers bond and share through what is definitely a strange situation.

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Final Thoughts

Anxious People manages to strike at the heart of people’s anxieties but does so with delicacy. Backman delivers a book that makes readers see their own vulnerability, and not fear it. Rather, through a blend of charming prose and whimsical plot, we’re encouraged to find the humour in even the bleakest of situations.

Readers should be aware that Anxious People addresses topics that may distress some readers. Suicide and depression are predominant amongst these.

It’s a joy when a book manages to sweep you away and truly surprise you. Anxious People is a timely read, for who doesn’t feel overwhelmed and a little bit anxious in 2020?  A must-read from Backman and highly recommended

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