7 Tips To Make Character Descriptions More Interesting

All writers seem to know that characters need to be described in a way that’s interesting. Readers want to be captivated, intrigued and entertained by the fictional (or real) people they encounter on the page. But the actual how to make character descriptions interesting is harder to define.

Can A Book Have More Than One Main Character? Thursday Murder Club Book Review

Let’s take a look at The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. I read this book recently and loved it! I also think there’re some excellent principles about multiple character stories which can be seen in action, throughout the book.

Maintaining Tension In A Sequel: Bound By Firelight Book Review

Bound By Firelight by Dana Swift is an excellent sequel. I loved this book and thought it did a great job of following up Cast In Firelight. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the series and using the series as a case study for maintaining tension across a series of books.

Do you have Writer’s Block or Imposter Syndrome?

ost writers (if not all), have faced these challenges and doubts in some form or another. But I have noticed that while there’s a common discussion about Writer’s Block, its cousin, Imposter Syndrome, doesn’t get enough attention.

How to get better at Worldbuilding: Howl’s Moving Castle book review

Today, we’re tackling one of the most challenging writing topics for writers, but especially those working in fantasy and sci-fi; worldbuilding. To illustrate some of the points in this post, I’ll be talking about Dianna Wynne Jone’s book, Howl’s Moving Castle.

Words You Can’t Help But Mix Up: Confusables

Recently, on Instagram, I hosted a discussion on my stories about confusables. When I’m editing a book, I like to keep a list of confusables close by so I can check the usage is correct. When I mentioned this on Instagram, and asked if you’d be interested in me sharing my list, there was a resounding ‘yes’

Should I Pay For A Book Review?

The topic of paid book reviews can be a controversial one. If you’ve been considering paying for a book review, know that you’re not alone. But there are some common pitfalls to be aware of, as well as often unmentioned benefits to paying for a review. So let’s unpack some of the common beliefs aroundContinue reading “Should I Pay For A Book Review?”

How to deal with negative feedback about your writing

Whether it’s sharing your novel, a brief poem, or your resume – getting feedback on your writing can feel brutal. So here are some tips to hopefully make it less of a painful experience. Why feedback is so important. Feedback, whether solicited, or not offers opportunity for growth. That mindset is key when it comesContinue reading “How to deal with negative feedback about your writing”

How To Write A Book Review – With Prompts!

Writing a book review can be a challenge. Whether it’s for school, further study or for your personal Goodreads — it can be difficult to collate your thoughts about a book. So today I thought I’d share a list of prompts that I find helpful in my book reviewing process. But first… What makes aContinue reading “How To Write A Book Review – With Prompts!”