100 Days of Sunlight – Abbie Emmons

Today on the blog I’ll be reviewing Abbie Emmon’s debut novel, 100 Days of Sunlight. Thanks Abbie for sending me a copy of your book to review! Read on if you like sweet romances and waffles.

What is an ARC?

Before we jump into the review I thought I’d do a quick explanation of what an ARC is for those of you who might be unsure!

On my blog I review a variety of books, across a broad range of genres. As well as reviewing books that have already been released for publication, I also review those that are due to be published in the upcoming months.

In exchange for an honest review, I receive a copy of a book from the author or publisher. My opinion is honest, and I will tell you if I liked a book or not. I haven’t been coerced into giving a positive review by the author in any way.

If you want to know more about ARC reviewing, feel free to ask a question in the comments below!

With that out of the way… Let’s get into todays review!

What’s it about?

100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons is about Tessa Dickinson, a sixteen year old poet, waffle lover and blogger. When Tessa is involved in a car accident and loses her eyesight for 100 days she feels like it’s not just her vision that she’s lost, but her whole world.

Scared that the loss of her vision may be permanent Tessa withdraws into herself, growing distant and cold from those she loves. So when her grandparents advertise in a local newspaper for a typist to help her regain her passion for writing, they’re surprised by who applies for the job.

Weston Ludovico is a boy with an enthusiasm for life, a penchant for fighting and no legs. He knows the first hand the fear and despair that can threaten to overtake when your life changes so drastically.

Determined to help Tessa see the world in a new way, despite her blindness, an unlikely friendship is formed. Tessa doesn’t know about Weston’s , disability and that’s the way he wants it. But as the teens grow closer what will happen when Tessa’s vision returns? Weston will have to choose, either he overcomes his fear of her seeing him, or he vanishes from her life.

What I liked about this book?

This book was such a sweet contemporary romance. Aimed at young adults (12 years plus) Emmons did a great job of highlighting the sweetness that is first love.

The anxiety and fear, but also joy and compassion that the characters felt was raw at times, beautifully written. I enjoyed (in a heartbreaking kind of way) seeing the determination of the characters to overcome the obstacles before them. Whether that be, physical limitations, social situations or family dynamics.

On a personal level, *LOOK OUT, it’s about to get mushy!* this book was so sweet because it reminded me of when my husband and I met. We were childhood sweethearts (we were fifteen when we got together which I now realise is super young haha!) the innocent fun Weston and Tessa got up to reminded me of my husband and I and how much joy there was in being friends before we were anything more. It’s nice to read a book that is so refreshingly sweet.

The importance of family is a strong theme in this book. Without giving away any spoilers the relationship the characters have to their families in this book is refreshing in a genre that can at times rely too heavily on broken family dynamics.

The cover of this book is stunning! Abbie Emmon’s designed it herself which I am in awe of. It’s lovely and pretty and YELLOW. Yellow is an awesome colour. Once you read the book you notice all the little details she has incorporated into the cover like waffles, flowers, ukulele and birds that all link into the story.

What I liked least about this story?

This book could be accused by some as being a titchy bit predictable. But I think overall it did some great things with character and prose that any predictability that it could potentially be accused of is forgivable. That being said, without giving away spoilers the ending of this book was really well done.

Readers should be aware there is some mild swearing in this book, but it didn’t bother me personally as it was very mild and occasional. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to cussing in books.

I wish I could talk more about this book… but you’ll just have to wait till it comes out! And you don’t have to wait long, thankfully!

When and where can I get my hands on this book?

100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons will be published on August 7th 2019. If you have a Goodreads account be sure to put it on your ‘Want to read’ list so you don’t miss it!

You can pre-order digital copies of this book from Amazon, but for hardback or paperback copies you’ll have to wait til August friends.

If you enjoyed this review and want to know more about this book please do go and check out Abbies website here. Support indie authors!

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Thanks for reading todays post guys! I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to read more YA romance novels but it’s difficult to find recommended novels. I love mushy so I think I’d like this one. I first thought you were reviewing a different book (one that I only purchased recently but haven’t read yet).. it looks quite similar to The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. It’s also yellow, so since this is one of your fav colors, maybe worth checking out ;-). Great review Steph!


    1. Thanks Inge! This book is definitely cute, with just the right amount of mush haha! I’m doing an interview with the author, Abbie Emmons in August so keep your eyes out for that post. I love yellow, it’s one of my favourite colours so I’ll have to check out ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’!

      Liked by 1 person

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