Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

Author Sarah J. Maas’ new book House of Earth and Blood has just released to much excitement from many. Before we get into the new book, let’s look back at where the New York Times’ bestselling author started, with a review of Throne of Glass.

What is Throne of Glass about?

Throne of Glass is a young adult fantasy series published in 2012. The series centres around eighteen year old Celaena Sardothien, an assassin serving a life sentence for her crimes.

Then she’s offered the deal of a lifetime. Her freedom, in exchange for acting as the crown prince’s contestant in a competition to find the king’s champion.

If she can survive the competition against fellow thieves and murders, she will then have to make a difficult choice. Will she be able to become champion and ultimately serve the king who imprisoned her?

What Did I Like About Throne of Glass?

Throne of Glass is the first in the Throne of Glass series. Having read Maas’ other series A Court of Thorns And Roses last year, I anticipated I would enjoy this book. I was right.

Throne of Glass delivers rich fantasy elements within a complex world of political struggle. Vivid characters who are morally grey and who must overcome a myriad of struggles.

This level of world building is not commonly witnessed within young adult fiction outside of a few select series. I enjoyed the overarching political plot of the series as a whole, but also the individual plot of Throne of Glass itself.

This book is fast paced, mysterious and laced themes of friendship, love and loss.

Where A Court of Thorns and Roses pushes the boundaries of what should be classed as ‘young adult’ fiction, Throne of Glass is less controversial and therefore perhaps more broadly appropriate. That being said, the main character of Throne of Glass is an eighteen year old assassin so naturally there is some mild violence and sexual content within the book series.

(If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on A Court of Thorns and Roses check out the full review here).

What Did I Like Least About Throne of Glass?

Ah. The trope of love triangles in young adult fiction rears its head once more. Why is this so popular?

Overall, that’s my only peeve with this book. Compared to other books where love triangles occur, the characters seem to conduct themselves relatively maturely.

Is The Series a Big Commitment?

The Throne of Glass series has seven books within the main series, with a prequel book of short stories The Assassins Blade. This is a bit of a commitment.

That being said, I have found this to be an absorbing series, with depth to the plot and vivid characters. I’ve enjoyed discovering new characters as the series has progressed, so it would be a shame to have stopped at the end of the first book.

Throne of Glass is a great read, regardless of whether you continue on with the series. Of the series, it is probably the easiest book to end with, if you don’t want to continue on.

I think once you’ve read Throne of Glass you’ll see what I, and many others are talking about. It’s one of those series you’ll find yourself consumed by and desperate to know what happens next. You may well find yourself flicking through the pages late into the night.

My Recommendation?

Throne of Glass the first book in particular will be popular with fans of dystopian fiction such as The Hunger Games. The competition element of Throne of Glass reminded me strongly of The Hunger Games initially at least.

Throne of Glass unlike A Court of Thorns and Roses doesn’t have any explicit sexual scenes so is appropriate for teens and adults looking for a fantasy adventure series with heart.

Where Can I Get a Copy?

*Throne of Glass is sold in most bookstores, or you can get your hands on a copy from Amazon here. Get the boxset of the whole series from Amazon here and save yourself the need to dash out and get the next one.

*There’s even a beautiful collectors edition of Throne of Glass that I’ve been eyeing off. It’s gilt and pretty.

Throne of Glass Collector’s Edition

*Should you choose to make your purchase using the link above I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to yourself. Please bear in mind that I only link to products and companies that I personally believe will benefit my readers. Thank you for your support! If you’d like more information about affiliate marketing please visit my disclosure page.

Final Thoughts

What’s your favourite fantasy book or author? Have you read any Sarah J Mass books? Share your thoughts and let me know by commenting.

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