Is the physical library outdated?

I’m a big fan of the library. I really enjoy the whole experience of visiting my local library. Everything from the quiet atmosphere to the rows upon rows of carefully tended to books tells me this is a place for me. But is the library destined to go the way of the telegraph and blockbuster?

Why You Should Visit These 5 Libraries

Do you love to travel? Love the experience of hopping on a plane, bus, train or car and heading off on adventure? Me too! Today on the blog I’ll be sharing some of my favourite libraries from around the world (ones I’ve visited – and a few on my bucket list!). Read on for five libraries you should add to your itinerary next holiday!

Lady Lollipop

What started your love of reading? Is there one book you remember staying up way past your bedtime to read one more chapter? As adults, the things we loved as children stay with us for a long time.For me, one of those childhood joys was Lady Lollipop by Dick King Smith. Haven’t heard of it? Well! You’re in for a treat.